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So hey guys. My name's Treasure and I try not to suck.

I reside in West Virginia. Attend West Virginia university.

I'm 19 going on like, 12.

Aspiring photographer, mediocre musician, hopeless wanderer.

Things you might see on my blog:

-Harry Potter-Disney
-Humor-Superheroes-Pro LGBT posts
-Fashion-Make up
-The Hunger Games-Music
-Star Wars-Doctor Who
-Supernatural-(and many other things)

Comic character:
 »Natasha Romanova / Black Widow

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"They had me rigged on this thing where I’m holding onto handles on his shoulder with my legs wrapped around his neck. He’s kinda trying to throw me off and I’m on top of him and it was so many hours of me, riding him like a mechanical bull.” 

"And we’re looking over at the producers and we’re like, ‘are you happy now? Do we have enough footage?’ and they’re like, ‘looks great on camera!" - (x)

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Captain America + shields

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spn ladies + supernatural beings

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Favourite Movies (1/-) - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

"Captain, in order to build a better world, sometimes means tearing down the old one… And that makes enemies."

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Till the end of the line.

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